Rotary Power Sweeping - Sorting out the 'BLACK' stuff!!
Rotary Power Sweeping - Sorting out the 'BLACK' stuff!!

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  • ASH Chimney Sweep (Monday, July 03 17 07:31 pm BST)

    Rotary mole brush, What a great piece of kit, It's now my first choice when power sweeping Mortar lined flue's. Excellent customer service also.

  • Alex moore (Wednesday, December 21 16 07:11 pm GMT)

    I think this is the best kit on the market and with excellent customer service they deliver, what more could you ask for 10 out of 10.

  • K Fuller & Sons chimney Sweep (Thursday, November 03 16 02:13 pm GMT)

    I bought the max power kit other equipment including the CCTV kit after doing the NACS course I am totally impressed with the quality and service, will defiantly be sticking with Snaplok.

  • Best Chimney Clean (Sunday, October 23 16 05:11 pm BST)

    Excellent kit, stands up well to daily use and sometimes abuse. Great people to deal with who really care about their products, service and reputation

  • Richard Holloway Chimney Sweep (Friday, October 21 16 11:25 am BST)

    Can't get enough of the Rotary Power Sweep equipment. 18 months down the line and it's brilliant. I keep ordering extra bits of equipment and every single bit has been useful. Sweeping is so much
    easier, better and quicker. Mark is great to deal with.

  • Lee Cursons (Wednesday, October 19 16 11:49 am BST)

    Great kit, great service and the advice and guidance has been invaluable. This has been a fantastic buying experience and I would highly recommend! Thanks Mark.

  • Liam Kinsella (Wednesday, October 19 16 07:37 am BST)

    Origionally bought to get me out of trouble on a duct cleaning job and I was immediately impressed with the build quality, it was a little more work than our usual rotary kit with the standard brush
    but the new death star with scrubber shaft put pay to that. we have put the system through its paces over the last two months cleaning fresh air systems in hospitals, laundry drier vents and every
    chimney flue out there and has performed brilliantly. highly recomended

  • Alex moore (Tuesday, October 18 16 11:22 am BST)

    Great sevice, fantastic product and very good after sales, which is very important.
    I would recommend to any sweep.

  • Nigel Jones (Wednesday, October 12 16 09:47 am BST)

    Great product and excellent customer service.

  • Frazer Lewis (Tuesday, October 11 16 04:37 pm BST)

    Great kit, speedy delivery and Mark couldn't have been more helpful. I will be back soon to order more. Comes HIGHLY recommended.

  • Chris Mooney (Monday, October 10 16 07:42 pm BST)

    I have been using Snaplok products for a year now, the range of interchangeable rods and heads available means I always have the tool for the job on the van, I recently ordered the cable nest whip
    and quick release adaptor, the whip made short work of a quite dense jackdaw nest and having used the quick release adaptor I find it much quicker to complete the job.
    Highly recommend the Mole brushes.
    RPS are a very good company to deal with and always ready to help with any questions I may have.

  • john french (Monday, October 10 16 09:32 am BST)

    very good customer care quick response and delivery of goods

  • Jack Rhymes (Sunday, October 09 16 08:55 pm BST)

    Its not been a full year since i have started using RPS, what a difference, faster, efficient and a lot less hard work, quality is excellent, snap fit rods are a real treat to use and easy to clean,
    and as i only live 2 hrs away its a real bonus being able to drive up and see Mark, try the gear and purchase, all ready to use the next day, on the last occasion Mark was unable to meet me so he
    left the rods in a safe place for me to collect, he will do anything to help.

    Thanks Mark, i will be back.

    Jack Rhymes, Timberjack Chimney sweeps

  • Ed (Sunday, October 09 16 08:24 pm BST)

    I have purchased a number of item's from Rotary over the last few months and Marks speedy dispatch of my products is surprisingly speedy even though I live in Ireland they have arrived in 3 days. The
    engineering of rotary products are superb and in my opinion the death star is top of the pile when compared to other flails. Thanks Rotary I wish you every continued success.

  • Flints Chimney Sweep (Sunday, October 09 16 06:57 pm BST)

    Mole brushes are a great bit of kit,for the chimney sweeps arsenal.

    The order was processed and was delivered when it was meant to.
    Would recommend.

  • Clear Chimney Services Ltd (Sunday, October 09 16 04:30 pm BST)

    We use the Rotary Power Sweeping System and not only is it robustly designed and manufactured to a high quality standard, it is also super efficient and quick. That's less work on the back and
    shoulders, less tiredness at the end of the day and faster sweeps for increased volume and revenue.

  • rab wilson (Sunday, October 09 16 04:18 pm BST)

    I'm that impressed I've came back a few times for more gear! Not only is the equipment of a high standard the service is also, many thanks, until next time :)

  • Steven Howard (Sunday, October 09 16 04:07 pm BST)

    I have had several small orders recently and each time the service is seamless. I eagerly await the arrival of new products and am never disappointed.
    Would strogly recommend this business if you are looking for both first class products and service.
    Many thanks to Mark and his team.

  • Alfred Poppins (Sunday, October 09 16 03:19 pm BST)

    A great service and a fantastic product. I have purchased many items and always come back

  • Jamie (Sunday, October 09 16 02:57 pm BST)

    Brilliant kit, brilliant service.
    I have Just bought the mole brushes and I wish I found them sooner!

  • Keiron jardine (Sunday, October 09 16 02:44 pm BST)

    Great bit of kit and am now converted from traditional rooftop sweeping . Really cleans and gets the soot out of the whole system . As a company , great ! Professional and quick . My bag broke and
    was replaced without fuss . Recommended

  • Paul Solicari (Tuesday, April 19 16 09:01 pm BST)

    Excellent products, I have used SnapLok for a long time and been very happy. Superb customer service, Mark is always willing to go the extra mile. Great to know that one of your main suppliers are
    only a phone call away and ready to help. Highly recommend.

  • John Burrow Chimney Services (Wednesday, January 27 16 04:19 pm GMT)

    Ive purchased the 12mm rod kit off Mark to see how it performed compared to my current kit as I was finding it too expensive to replace as and when a rod snapped sweeping 90 bends through a stove.
    Ive used the Snaplok kit now for a while and I must say it is fantastic and comes at a sensible price to replace as and when it wears out. Rods are so light with the alloy ends, and connecting them
    is doddle. If your thinking of going rotary this is good gear. Mark is a pleasure to deal with and his customer service is second to none. Top company

  • J w Smith chimney sweep (Monday, January 04 16 07:11 pm GMT)

    I've been using the snaplok equipment since September, it's moved my business on to another level I've bought the mk 2 camera system too and I can't praise the equipment enough.The after sales
    service that Mark Hart provides its first class and I recommend this product to anyone wanting power sweeping equipment.

  • Steve Oliver (Thursday, December 17 15 12:08 pm GMT)

    Fantastic service. Ordered at four pm and got to my place at half nine so magic. Also the kit is brilliant, much better than the rodtech kit I used last year. Will be using you in the future and
    recommending you to the other sweeps I know. Thanks again

  • Kevin Boland (Friday, December 04 15 09:05 pm GMT)

    Great product I would highly recommend these rods .I got the 12mm rods for stoves cleaning it makes it so easy to clean the chimney all my customers were very happy

  • ProSweep (Thursday, November 19 15 05:34 pm GMT)

    Great products backed up by great customer service.

  • Duncan McTavish (Thursday, November 19 15 03:59 pm GMT)

    As a Hetas stove installer a need to assess the suitability of a chimney prior to lining it. The Rotary Power Sweeping Chimney Camera has proved invaluable when carrying out surveys on problematic
    chimneys. Quick, easy to assemble & clear picture quality. By far the best value chimney CCTV kit currently on the market.

  • Tim Johnston (Sunday, November 15 15 09:29 pm GMT)

    Best bit of kit I've bought ! So quick and easy to use. Well made, light to carry (golf bag) . Hope to get more bits to make a more comprehensive kit. Mark is a pleasure to deal with.
    Thanks Mark.

  • Tim Johnston (Monday, November 09 15 07:58 pm GMT)

    This equipment really is the business, having managed with a much cheaper system which 'did' work but now having this kit really speeds up the process, with confidence no failures etc. Having a
    choice of different attachments and more combinations to come no doubt, ideas that have come from people who do understand the process of sweeping.
    Well done.

  • Hans de Vrind (Monday, November 09 15 10:46 am GMT)

    Easy to assemble - works very well in a short chimny - nice and light - no experience yet in longer chimneys. Excellent service from Mark with easy contact if needed.

  • Jonathan Miles (Sunday, November 08 15 01:34 pm GMT)

    Well designed, well made kit for professional sweeps who care about doing a thorough job. Excellent service from RPS, highly recommended.

  • Alec Osborn (Sunday, November 08 15 12:16 am GMT)

    I bought the liner kit and an inspection camera, both have been brilliant. Great quality and very user friendly. The service was excellent and I will definitely be buying more equipment. Thanks

  • Gareth Mc Cabe (Saturday, November 07 15 06:11 pm GMT)

    I recently purchased the Complete starter kit. Really happy so far with the rods. Previous brand I was using were tedious to disconnect but the Rotary are well designed and quick and easy to use.
    Spot on service too, thanks Mark, I'll be back.

  • Angus Robins (Saturday, November 07 15 01:42 pm GMT)

    Recently purchased the camera (not the one with the screen in the lid)

    Pros: quick look - easy set-up; sturdy head; bright led's, smallish size fits narrow access; good picture (colour), secure 'snaplok' fitting

    Cons: wire on a reel + connection to screen can be awkward to move around the job; flat lens collects soot (clears with a vigorous shake); no battery (mains only) no good for roof work.

    Generally: glad I bought this, wy better than the other power sweeping manufacturers camera; but not in the same league as the Wohler.

  • Andy Spooner (Saturday, November 07 15 12:17 pm GMT)

    Excellent bit of kit. Flues cleaner, time saving not having to screw rods together. Can sweep more in a day than before. Got to be mad not to use these rods.

  • Ron Clark (Saturday, November 07 15 11:46 am GMT)

    Hi the equipment that i have bought off you is supurb i can't fault any of it from the rods to the brushes have not had one brush head come off during sweeping and the black dust sheet are very good

  • Kevin Welfare (Wednesday, October 14 15 10:47 am BST)

    Absolutely amazing bit of kit! Shaving a lot of time of the sweep overall!

    Being a Toolmaker for some 30 plus years, and still heavily involved in CNC CAD/CAM machining I can appreciate the work involved in the connectors. Excellent value for money.

    Swept a lined open fire the other evening, absolutely caked! 13 rods in all, no problem with good results!

    Just need to convert my liner camera gear to the new fitting and I'm away!

    Currently busy saving for the large rods!

  • scott trinder (Friday, October 09 15 07:42 pm BST)

    worth every penny! swept over 40 houses in 3 days including open chimneys and flexi liners, such quality rods and mark is very helpful


  • Richard Holloway (Thursday, October 01 15 10:13 am BST)

    I've had my new Snaplok kit for four months now and found it superb. Easy to use, gets more out, quicker. In those four months I have not used my old kit once. In fact it is gradually disappearing
    from the van and getting stored away in the garage.

  • Tom Ballagher - Exeter Chimney Sweeps (Thursday, September 24 15 11:08 pm BST)

    I can't recommend the SnapLok enough. By far the best rotary kit on the market and a true joy to use. The fantastic button lock feature makes using rods so much easier and saves so much time. Will
    not be buying rotary kit from anywhere else in the future!

  • Rob Mortimer (Saturday, September 05 15 07:07 pm BST)

    Best rods I have used both for manual and power sweeping. Makes life easier, good kit and advice.

  • Rob Mortimer (Saturday, September 05 15 07:04 pm BST)

    Rods are the best I have used and well made, delighted with them both manually sweeping and power sweeping. Good service and elpful advice.

  • Steve Goldsmith (Tuesday, September 01 15 11:25 am BST)

    I have now started using the kit and I'm very impressed with it. Also the instructions were very clear and explained all the questions that I had.

  • John Mann (Saturday, August 29 15 06:40 pm BST)

    Great equipment. Much better than other double lock rods which I had tried. Good customer service.

  • Thierry MAYET (Tuesday, August 25 15 11:10 am BST)

    Product very satisfying.

  • David Glynn (Saturday, August 22 15 10:32 am BST)

    The SnapLok liner kit is very well engineered and the sweeping head is a solid one piece head which is well thought out.

    I got rid of the Rodtech liner kit after the ball on the head came off and the exposed threaded stud damaged a liner going round a bend!!

  • Keith Price (Saturday, August 22 15 08:58 am BST)

    I bought two hearth sheets and WOW! Top quality at a good price. These sheets are well made and help to give the professional image I strive for. I will be back!! Thank you.

  • Alasdair Ingram, Isle of Mull (Saturday, August 22 15 08:45 am BST)

    Recently purchased an Inspection Camera which has already proved it's worth, Mark has been excellent to deal with, providing a good service and upgrades for the camera system.

  • Ian Marshman (Friday, August 21 15 10:24 am BST)

    Very good camera clear image nice to be all in one box


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