Rotary Power Sweeping - Sorting out the 'BLACK' stuff!!
Rotary Power Sweeping - Sorting out the 'BLACK' stuff!!

RPS F.A.Q.’s

Q. Ten ACTUAL facts about SnapLok rotary equipment:


  1. SnapLok rods do not disconnect in chimneys or liners - Two buttons equals double security

  2. SnapLok rod buttons have stress on two buttons.....bring it on!! We have NEVER had any buttons fail due to stress

  3. SnapLok rod and adaptor connection - Push N Twist, simples! No need to line up a flat spot to connect the rods with SnapLok rods!

  4. SnapLok rods do not corrode and our buttons do not seize after a few months use.

  5. SnapLok Rods offer a quibble free 12 month Warranty!

  6. SnapLok do not sell bent rods!

  7. SnapLok equipment is very affordable in comparison to our competitors

  8. SnapLok rods are all repairable with our SnapLok rod repair kits

  9. SnapLok rods do NOT require your weekends spent unseizing buttons and servicing your rods!!

  10. SnapLok equipment is the ONLY award winning rotary kit to win an actual award from the actual UK sweeping trade, comprising of sweeps from NACS, GOMCS, APICS, ICS and HETAS installers which make up the U.C.S. forum.

Q. What are the rods made of and how are they manufactured?


A. The SnapLok 22mm Polypropylene and 15mm/18mm Solid Nylon rods are quadruple crimped to the fittings/ferrules on either end of the rod, plus the steel is heat treated for extra strength/durability and double plated for extra corrosion resistance. The stainless steel ferrules are made from solid stainless steel. ALL the buttons on every rod from Jan 2017 are stainless steel.

The 12mm Solid Nylon Liner rods are double crimped to the fittings/ferrules on either end of the rod, they are manufactured from anodized aircraft aluminium.


The 8mm Solid Nylon Liner rods are double crimped to the fittings/ferrules on either end of the rod, they are manufactured from solid stainless steel.

Q. What drill should you use?


A. We do not recommend any one specific drill manufacturer, but we can recommend the type and brand of drill that should be used. A good branded 18v battery Bosch, Makita, DeWalt or Milwaukee drill, the battery should be a minimum of 4AH - 5AH, at least 100nm of torque, so that the batteries power will last and enough power to spin the rods at height and most importantly a clutch. A battery that can be recharged in 20 - 30 mins, and finally try to ensure that you have a spare battery, so whilst one is charging you can continue working. 

Q. What hazards are there in using a drill for power sweeping?


A. You should NEVER use a mains powered drill, as they generally do not have an adjustable torque setting. The reason we recommend a drill that has an adjustable torque is so that if you catch an unseen obstacle in a chimney flue, then rather the drill break your fingers or wrist, then drill takes the brunt of the twisting and activated the drill torque adjuster.

Q. Should I wear gloves?


A. Gloves are an absolute must when power sweeping. Do not use thin latex gloves and they can easily get ripped off your hands and cause injury. Use a thick glove that is not grippy, otherwise the spinning rod will not rotate without trying to rip your glove off.

Q. Coloured leading rods, why do you not sell them?


A. The answer is quite simple and proven. If you continue to use the same rod as a lead rod on every job, it will weaken and eventually break. We feel that it is best to continually rotate your leading rods.

Q. Can my rotary rods be repaired?


A. Yes, all the SnapLok rods can be repaired using the SnapLok rod repair kits. So if in the very unsual situation that a rod does snap, then it can be simply repaired by yourself and not have to be thrown away like other brands of rotary rods.

Q. Why are SnapLok Rotary Rods superior to other rods?


A. We are a distributor for SnapLok as we as chimney sweeps have used and tried different rotary sweeping systems and firmly that SnapLok kit is the best kit out in the chimney sweeping world. SnapLok rods, do not corrode, buttons do not sieze up, join and come apart very easily and best of all are not being sold at an extortionate price!

Q. What warranty do you offer?


A. We offer a 12 month warranty on rods, adaptors, sweeping heads, and rod bags. Whip line, chain and steel cable of the sweeping heads is not covered under warranty.


Please be aware that rod breakage will be subject to inspection via a return to SnapLok or Rotary Power Sweeping. Any rod that breaks due to a defect will be replaced.

Q. Who are Rotary Power Sweeping?


A. We are a small family business based in Devon who are also HETAS Approved Chimney Sweeps. We are trying to fill the gap of selling high quality goods at an affordable price. 


01884 675075

SnapLok User Manual
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Rotary Power Sweeping  will strive to achieve excellent customer service, providing expert advice from our own background and experience as HETAS Approved Chimney Sweeps. We provide premium quality professional chimney sweep tools and SnapLok rotary power sweeping equipment at a sensible price. 

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